Humans Towards Sustainability

It's not about never consuming energy or things
truth is we must to exist
But It's the way we do it that determines
What of us in the future persists
Through society and earth changes we face
We must reduce negative aspects and impacts
That disgrace
systems which support us
Natural laws and cycles lead the way,
listen to what biologists and physicists say
Entropy, a law tells us all matter spreads
Let us then Choose wisely what actions for consumption are fed
Poison metals , co2, methane and persistent compounds
These are challenges to our systems
We need stepping stones,
dematerializations and substitutions
And to focus on flows nature gives,
maximize energy gains to live
With what's sustainable
Solar , geothermal and geogravitatonal
We can do more with less
Efficiency and specificity of consumptive patterns
to evolve our best
Human capacity
It's a truth of fascination
We are the masters to determine our destination
The solution to our questions
Strategize material wellbeing
Lets Make it the quest now
Earth stewards! Sustainable human beings!

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