Ancestors whisper to me,
I am on my knees. Show me. 
Swept off my feet, I wept with my head held high 
You, the colourful breeze swept by 
and I could hear in my ears
the secrets of life in the wind,
whistling and embracing me again, 
the breath of my ancestor kin.
Remind me of my birth
a dream of me on this earth
created before our time 
prepared and planted 
my heart, my lungs, my mindI live and dance for the seed
of what will become
flourishing in collaborative deeds, 
past, future, and present ,
I am forever present 
in my breath. 
I want to sing with you the turtles to the sea,
gather the sands of the desert
and be a cloud nourished by the water and sun. 
I am dissolving into your breath, the wind, as one. 
Now I dream of you, as you dreamt of me, undone, 
becoming truly free. 
Oh, ancestors whisper to me, 
I am on my knees 
Breath to wind 
Tears to sea 
Personify in me the trees
that grow like my hair and nails, 
your sunlight eyes have not failed 
to fill my heart. 
Whisper to me , Whisper to me 
Tell me again how you used to dig clams, 
I don't remember what they taste like. 
Tell me again what it was like to love. 
I am not forgetting, 
I am just evolving
trying to remember myself.Tell me again,
Who are we again?
I cry on my knees.
Whisper to me, 
Whisper to me, 
Whisper to me…. 
Ancestors in the breeze.

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