On a Moment's Notice

Inspiring words, spoken and heard
Old stories that freestyle me, tongue in cheek, rice and wheat.
Feed me, earth, we want to be free
Dreaming to be what you are, bring us back again
Full circle
way of the SUN
Club moss and tree ferns
We come from, I learn, a primitive seed
but I ask you,
how did we evolve into the greed that blinds our mind's desire?
Color me,
GMOh no oh no
Is this true, the path we go?
Off the land the water flows and into the cities the farmers follow and go
But by whose hand will the food grow?
Am I alone?
not Killing nor trashing, wasting nor smashing, nor creating any sort of do-dads
Because do dads and moms know
It's at our head that points the this time bomb gun?
Why do we think that making the bed isn't fun?
Grandma tells me in my unmade bed I'll lay
but damn, I cry!!!
These lessons I learn are hard for I
know there is only one way,
full circle, the way of the sun,
Either that or become
the void that exists in a clear cut forest.
Lessons to learn.
Fed me, free me, I am now thinking I would love to be,
Undone like the miles of genetics we think we control
Oh no
Mother earth, what is your word on this grip hold?
It couldn't possibly be that we control what took you billions of years of mastery to unfold.
Elder, tell me that this story has be already told
For I feel bold in this mystery
Awakened by the plight
and I know the day always comes after the dark cold night
To shine a new light,
Sun rise to sun set
The answer seems so simple in this circular mind set....
Full circle, I return to that
And the grip doesn't seem so strong.
But it still feels wrong.
We're at canter now, full on.
Running for the edge
Thinking science will fly usd past our broken earth an to the moon
But I am telling you another flower is in bloom
One that challenges us to embrace the bird
Don't identify with the shell
Instead listen to the bird, the one that hasn't spoken yet
but if a moment's breath is taken, can be heard.
And get to know your neighbors at that.
No way am I going to the way of the genetic patents.
I got too many years of genetic history to fall back upon...
Please, let us search our base pairs,
The answers must be in here somewhere!
We just forgot it
Harvesting and loving and struggling yes,
but at least we'll have pride on our breasts
because we have worked the land far much longer than we have ever eaten GMO
and word on the street is that changers are coming a lot faster than slow
so embrace the coming changing floods
because those masses spinning in the heavens know.
And be ready to go,
On a moments notice.

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