Too Big to Fail

we're too big to crash and yet the wall's
coming on unpredictably fast
coupled with natural capital decline
we won't last
because the cash cow is only cash
past the slaughter house
and with such a narrow focus
we're too blind to see
that to untangle this economic mess
we need a different policy
about what has value
its fiscal responsibility
to have measures of progress beyond GDP
something easy to communicate
with indicators that demonstrate
human behaviours for true wealth
to finally become non-disparagingly poor in money or health,
we're masters gauging green transition
to the new solar tech position
past the debt and the lack
the famine and the fat
balance THAT spread sheet
beyond the math, intangible
love economy to value the fact
that we're relations
because what is measured matters
Let this be inspiration
to align with the abundant metaphor of the sun
Run renewable run!
its death-life-death-life full circle close the loop
ride the cycles
and harness the conveyer
of the natural capital coup d' tat
flexible platform
and new lifeforms
grow eco-imagination
solutions for a smarter planet are navigation
to our future

we need investments
time, energy money and heart,
passion and spirit
for this state of the ark
don't skip a beat mr Bank
and private sectors should rank
natural value
its a big bang for your buck
to catalyze a green economy revolution
is not speculation or luck
with 4.3 trillion a year
to kick start humanity
past fear into the golden age
let's live to turn the page to build societal trust
clean tech, smart grid
and leave the guns to rust
no more fighting over fossil fuel we're free
for mama earth to grow us
true wealth
as a self fulfilling prophecy
if we see management of oikos as strength and what matters
drop our ego identity with what will shatter
when the bubble bursts
Because It's survival of the fitting that fits us in the systems
nested in systems
in systems

we are enough, and
we know when enough is enough
but greed says this a hard one, it's tough
a debt based economy
means enough is never enough
unless our consciousness shifts
acknowledge instant gratification does not equal happiness
multiplication of patience
is the flow of life
slow money is the economy
so slow down and enjoy delights
of this Earth's Garden,
but to enjoy it right
we have to be stewards
keep wealth going
keep money flowing
because money is energy
and stagnancy is disease
and we'll certainly, most certainly
never be free
if we don't feed the cure
which is pure
return of exchange
ease the pain
use our brains
reciprocity to gain
back each other
and trust
all relations, all roles, all hands on deck
so we can do our very best
drop the vanity
thinking we're better than everyone and everything else
because when we're trying to hoard
only focused on self
is a ditch
beside the low road
with risk of sinking on lower than low.

well-off is abundant and not narrow money minded
abundance is the means and the end
so let's intend that
money be byproduct
directed by socioecological sustainability to extend
after all this pseduoscience is our super power ability
so let's make adam smith proud with
endless growth
and grow life to infinity.

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