Poised between Heaven & Earth is life.
Humanity – pulsing like a heart at the hearth –
the sternum cage holding us in breath.
There is a better way than what we think we lack,
a way of being in service to that which we belong to.
Here, in the centre of all we know, of all we are.
Knowledge originates from a verb – honour & doing -

An inner explosion of Awareness to follow the journey, weaving
In & Out: a thread that joins together all frames of perception & experience.
The Compass, and a Sense of Purpose are tools from within.

Humour of sweetness; Sword of Precision; Map of Mindfulness;
and Honed practice of listening to what draws us here, 
into the enormity of Heaven on Earth,
where we stand or sit or lay.
Our Mother is holding every story
of why our compass points towards reconnection with the web 
we only thought we were no longer part of.

Never Separate - only in various states of re-membering this state; embodiment,
poised in life between Heaven and Earth.

(photo: Samborek)

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